Bid Helpdesk is a fast-response service for businesses who need to respond to RFPs and RFTs. We are Sydney based but can support any location in Australia or worldwide.

At Bid Helpdesk, we are passionate about helping businesses to unlock their potential and win more contracts through bids and tenders.

Bid Helpdesk Managing Consultant and Founder is James Smith, a published author, trainer, presenter and leading practitioner of professional bid management.

We are the experts

Bid Helpdesk consultants have worked in every industry, market and vertical. We know the B2B and B2G sales cycles and how to make bids and tenders work for you.

Bid Helpdesk consultants can guide you through the whole bid and tender process from development to submission. We can even develop your complete submission.

We keep it simple

Bid Helpdesk offers a free initial consultation if you answer a few questions first. Click here to start.

You can then purchase a written report for $250 that assess your RFP or RFT opportunity.

Bid Helpdesk consultants are available for short- and long-term assignments to help you win more business through RFPs and RFTs.

We save you time and money

Bid Helpdesk helps you assess if you should pursue an RFP or RFT opportunity. We don’t accept work where there is no chance of winning.

Bid Helpdesk takes away the pain and frustration of responding to RFPs and RFTs. You and your teams can focus on your day jobs while we develop a winning bid response.