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Bid Helpdesk is a fast-response service for businesses who want to respond to Requests-for-Proposals (RFPs) and Requests-for-Tenders (RFTs). At Bid Helpdesk, we are passionate about helping businesses to unlock their potential and win more contracts through bids and tenders.

Why Respond to RFPs and RFTs?

Responding to RFPs and RFTs opens up new business opportunities. Suppliers, service providers and vendors that rely on B2B or B2G sales can boost their revenues by developing compelling and competitive bids and tenders.

Large corporate enterprises, governments and local councils all award contracts through competitive bid and tender processes. Businesses can win these larger, long-term contracts by submitting bids and tenders in response to RFPs and RFTs.

How can we win business through RFPs and RFTs?

Knowing how to respond to an RFP or RFT and develop a bid or response is a key sales capability. Not every business can support an internal team of bid specialists so Bid Helpdesk is here to help.

Bid Helpdesk offers bid management, bid writing and bid training services. We can deliver your next bid or tender by applying our specialist skills and experience. We will create a compelling and competitive bid or tender response that best positions you for success.

Call 13 00 00 BIDS (1300 00 24 37) or follow the link below and for a free initial consultation with Bid Helpdesk.

My customer just released an RFP or RFT

What do we need to know?

Do we have the right team?

My customer is planning to release an RFP or RFT

Should we
bid for this?

What do we need to do?

Are we
ready to bid?

How can we build capability?