Win More Business with Bids and Tenders.

Bid Helpdesk is a fast-response service for businesses who want to respond to Requests-for-Proposals (RFPs) and Requests-for-Tenders (RFTs). At Bid Helpdesk, we are passionate about helping businesses unlock their potential and win more business through bids and tenders.

How can we win business through RFPs and RFTs?

Responding to RFPs and RFTs opens up new business opportunities. Large corporations, government agencies and local councils all award contracts through competitive bid and tender processes. 

Knowing how to respond to an RFP or RFT and develop a bid or tender response is a key sales capability. Not every business can support an internal team of bid specialists so Bid Helpdesk is here to help.

Bid Helpdesk offers bid management, bid writing and bid training services. We can deliver your next bid or tender by applying our specialist skills and experience. We will create a compelling and competitive bid or tender response that best positions you for success.

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Why Work With Bid Helpdesk?

We are the experts

Responding to RFPs and RFTs is not easy. Many submissions are rejected due to non-compliance, missing information and poor positioning. Bid Helpdesk consultants have worked on hundreds of submissions in every industry and market. We understand the process and how to get you shortlisted. If you don’t have expertise and success in bids and tenders, then you need Bid Helpdesk.

We make it simple

We can get your bid started straight away. You give us the RFP or RFT documents and we create the bid response plan. We work collaboratively with you to build a compelling, compliant and competitive bid response. With a clear plan, assigned actions and regular communication, Bid Helpdesk ensures you are positioned for success.

We save you time and money

Bid Helpdesk takes away the stress of responding to RFPs and RFTs. We give you and your team their time back. We work swiftly to build the response with strong bid content. You review and contribute to drafts that are already at a high standard. You and your teams can focus on your day jobs while we work on the bid.

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