Bid.Win.Deliver Framework

Navigating the Complexity of Bid Development

The Bid.Win.Deliver Framework shows organisations how to develop a compelling and competitive response to an RFP or RFT.

By following this structured framework, teams can quickly develop a strong bid response based on recognised best practices.

With the Bid.Win.Deliver Framework, every aspect of bid development is coordinated from opportunity qualification to submission reviews and approvals.

Helping Sales Leaders to Manage Bids and Tenders

Bid and tenders can be disruptive when your teams are already busy. Managing the development of a complex response takes time but also needs experience and expertise.

The Bid.Win.Deliver Framework means that any professional can act as a bid manager and drive the bid development process.

Re-work, late nights and low-quality submissions can be avoided with Bid.Win.Deliver Framework.

Managing Risk and Protecting Margins

Successful bid responses don’t just win new business, they must win profitable new business. The Bid.Win.Deliver Framework focuses on commercial and delivery risk management and drives best practice in sales governance.

With formal review and approval steps, the Bid.Win.Deliver Framework ensures that every submitted bid response is commercially robust.

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